Data Space report in R360

  • 12 July 2018
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I created a data space using the Account Contact Relationship object which among other things contains data on the contact, account and relationship. This works great in C360 but in R360 not so much.

1) I have to add the parent object of the data space (Account Contact Relationship) into the relationship Associated objects for the report to show up for selection.

2) Doing this shows me the report but it doesn't filter out only those records associated to the relationship.

3) When I try to set up the mapping, I can't map relationship ID to a field in the Account Contact Relationship as that object doesn't have relationship in it (thus the data space created). 

Any ideas on how this could be solved?

2 replies

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Thanks for posting, Marcelo. You should be able to report on all Contacts that are associated with the same Account the Relationship is on (GS Relationship → Account = Account Contact Relationship → Account ID), or the ones that exist in Relationship Contacts (see screenshot below).

The Account Contact Relationship object is not where we pull Contacts from when adding Relationship Contacts, so I'm curious what additional information you're trying to pull in from that object.
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Manu The reason I need the data space is because we need to associate contacts to multiple accounts leveraging the Account Contact Relationship object. Thus in order to be able to get all the details from the contact itself I need to create the data space so that I get the contact ID from the Account Relationship Object and then all the contact details (name, email, title, etc) from the contact object.