Decimal Values in CS360 Summary Section Widgets

  • 15 June 2017
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We are trying to have a number field with decimals as widget in summary section of CS360. When we have as Widget, it is just showing number without decimal part. Can't we have decimals in summary widgets? If so, are there any plans to have this ability in near future?

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5 replies

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Hi Roja,

By design
we have the right panel for fields. Here in the right panel field types can be given display and decimal place formats.

The widget were designed exclusively for items of widget types [i]viz. NPS, Health score etc. These are the standard widgets which now also includes reports of the widget type.
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Hi Roja, As Rajdeep said above you can start using right panel widget for decimal values.For the right panel widget we have an option to configure decimal values for Currency , Numeric and other types. 

Administration>>C360 Layouts>>Summary Widget.

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Sai -

2 questions about this.

1. Why is there only 0 and 1 as available options? We show 2 decimals places in the previews, but there's no way to force 2 decimal places.

2. Isn't it a viable enhancement to allow the numbers in the widgets to be formatted? I get requests to format both numbers and dollar values in the widget section.

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Hi Zach,

The intended functions was for It to, as per the field precision display the drop down and build it.

Example: For a field with precision 3, it is supposed to show available options as 0,1,2 and 3. We noticed that it showed only 0,1 and 2 instead and hence identified it to be a bug.

The fix for this ready to ship with the major release ahead.
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This info was added to the Customer360 Summary Section Configuration article.