Disable "Milestone" button on CTA

  • 25 April 2018
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Is there any plan to allow the ability to disable the "Milestone" button on CTAs?

I've never seen a way to turn this off as of now, but I'm wondering if this might be something we could look into adjusting in the future?

This would prevent users from flagging CTAs as Milestones that the business may not way to be flagged.

9 replies

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Yes please!
This causes problems with our MBO reporting  which is based off  successful completion of milestones.

Clicking that button should really create a "pop out" which allows us to pick our milestone of choice.
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@Tom, Is there a particular use-case to disable the Milestone?
In our org, we create CTA's and milestones when the account owner changes. In this case we could instruct the CSM's to create a milestone from the CTA, but that is a manual process and prone to human error. In this case we have created a rule to create the milestone and the CTA.

In a more general case, we are continuing to grow and add more people into our instance of Gainsight to better utilize the CTA function. If CTA's continue to have the milestone button as we add more people, we run greater risks of having milestones created that really shouldn't be.
Hi All,

Thanks for sharing this. In your case, would you want to be able to disable milestones for all CTA's or would you need to do that per CTA type?
@Sai - The original community post was as a result of a case I opened with Tom. 

Our problem/use case is that the CSM are hitting that button on the CTA and dropping a very general milestone "Lifecycle CTA Complete". While the milestone is configurable by CTA Type, we have multiple lifecycle CTA's and as part of the playbooks we ask them to drop a specific milestone based on the task completed as well as the result of the task.
I would prefer if the button created the "pop up"  and let the CSM pick the milestone of their choice. I think the button placement is great, would like to the see expanded functionality when we click it. 

1) Add the flexibility to add any milestone,

if not possible,

2) Disable the button via an admin configuration. For me it would be all, but I could see the value in it being by CTA type
I would prefer to just disable it entirely.
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I agree that a disable option is ideal.