Does Sponsor Tracking add value?

  • 10 February 2020
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HI GS Fam 


Looking into the potential rollout of Sponsor Tracking on the C and R260 level.  Does anyone have any success stories with Sponsor Tracking?  

  • Anything that has worked and has not worked? 
  • Things to keep in mind?
  • Does it add value to a CSM’s day to day?  
  • best practices y’all concocted? :) 




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@andorfuhrer  A few things we’ve run into to be aware of.  In our org, Sales has traditionally owned the contacts, so when we turned on Sponsor Tracking and our CSMs started tracking people, we started to get alerts almost immediately because the data on the contact in SF didn’t match what was on LinkedIn.  For example, we might have the person listed as the Director of Recruiting, but on LinkedIn, the same person was the Director of Talent Acquisition.  In some ways, this was a good thing because it allowed us to flag important contacts for data clean up, but on the other side, it also frustrated our CSMs because they didn’t often understand why the alert triggered.

The other thing we ran into frequently was the CSM having a hard time getting the contact to be tracked due to problems with finding the right LinkedIn profile.  Instead of a one click process, it often turned into a Google search and then, a wait and see if it gets tracked.  This also tended to make adoption pretty low.  We do still have it on, but most of the CSMs don’t use it and leadership hasn’t required it on our side.

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Thanks Heather!  That is the struggle bus I am in.  Part of me likes the idea of tracking high level execs, but those accounts are usually top tier accounts which CSM’s are normally very involved in and they’ll know when leadership changes take place.  


Seems this would be useful for CSM’s that have a larger book of business to own, but if this will create a lot of more work and not really get a lot of value (immediate or down the road) I can totally see this flopping at LogMeIn.


One idea, I guess could be adding the LinkedIn URL as a required datapoint when we onboard new clients and collect the key contact information OR updating key client contacts on a yearly cadence.  


thanks again for your reply!  

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In some cases, the effectiveness of sponsor tracking depends on the industry and dependencies on the capture and use of the proper account associated with the LinkedIn profile.  For the most part, echoing what @heather_hansen has stated above.  The usefulness of the tool depends on the fidelity of the source data. 

Thanks for posting this, I am now curious to see how others have done with this!

Hi everyone,


Just an update on sponsor tracking. We’re actively working on significantly enhancing our tracking capabilities to resolve the troubles with tracking which @heather_hansen referred to. This will make it a lot faster to track contacts without having to wait for a while for us to start tracking. I’ll be sure to provide an update here as soon as we’re closer to shipping these enhancements.


@andorfuhrer Something to keep in mind is that CSMs need to be able to identify who their key sponsors are, else you are right, they could end up with noise and too much work if they track too many people.