Enable Creation of Recurring CTAs in SFDC Version of Gainsight

  • 10 October 2019
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Apparently the NXT instance of Gainsight allows you to create a "Recurring" type of CTA. Can we get this into the SFDC instance as well? It's pretty annoying since at the last Gainsight conference, it was said there would be feature parity between the two instances but there is one that is clearly benefitting from better feature implemenation.


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5 replies

This feature is available in SFDC version as well.

Could you check below community post ?

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thank you! i promise i did research in both the community and in the documentation before i posted and didn't find anything that seemed to pertain.

regarding the documentation, would it be worth trying to make it a little clearer? there's not info readily apparent that this is actually implemented.

@lila_meyer , @sai_ram_pulluri ,

Could you assist on documentation page search here ?

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Thanks, Jen and Jagadeesh. I added some tags in the SFDC article to help users find it more easily if they're looking up recurring ctas:

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thanks to you both!