Enable CTA Reasons to be Dependent on CTA Type

  • 26 June 2019
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When selecting a CTA Type, only populating CTA Reasons that are relevant to the CTA Type when creating a CTA would be helpful so that users don't see all CTA Reasons at once. If a user creates an Opportunity CTA, having CTA Reasons that are risks (e.g. Bug Risk) doesn't make sense for users to see, and complicates their view. If there was an ability to tag CTA Reasons dependent on CTA Types so that only tagged reasons for the selected CTA Type show up, it would help make the selections clear to users. I believe tagging Reasons should be multi-select, for those that may apply to multiple CTA types.


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You can already do this today. Under Administration, Call to Action, you can assign reason codes based on CTA Type. Then only those codes will display when you select that CTA Type when creating a CTA.

It sounds like all your reason codes were set up at the Global (All) level. We did that initially too, but went back and revamped our Reason Codes to align to CTA Types for the exact reason you mentioned. It’s working very well for us now.

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Is there a way to edit existing reasons CTA Types? I don't see an option to do that, it only seems to appear when adding new reasons.

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Yes if you click on the Reason Code label it will allow you to edit it. Then click the save icon.

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Sorry, I'm not following. There isn't a Reason Code label, only Name, Short Name, Color, Category, and Active. None of which let me make a change to the CTA type they should apply to. The only way I can make this selection is when creating a new Reason. Am I missing something?

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Sorry I misunderstood your last question. I thought you were asking about editing the reason codes themselves. It sounds like you’re wanting to move reason codes between CTA Types.

That isn’t possible.

We went through a process (on “paper”) where we mapped out ehat Reason Codes we wanted to align to which CTA Types. Then we created them as new under the appropriate CTA Types.

Then we used Mass Edit to change the reason codes on all CTAs by looking at the OLD code and moving them the NEW code.

Then we deleted the “global” reasons under All.

Hi Kaycee,

You cannot change the type to which a reason is assoiciated after creation. You will have to create them again. Also if there is a single reason that is applicable to multiple CTA types you will have to create them for each CTA Type & tag them to the same reporting category to simplify reporting.


I'm running into the same problem where I'm trying to map my CTA reasons to the correct CTA type, however, I cannot do this easily because all of the CTA reaons are placed under the global "all" area and you cannot edit the existing CTA reaons and move them to another CTA type. I tried creating new CTA reasons to map them to the correct CTA type and that worked, but I still have the old CTA reasons under global "all" and they can't be deleted since they are being used by exisiting CTA's.

What was your fix to this and is there even a fix? I would rather use the Mass Edit tool then have to remove thousands of CTA reasons.

Thank you,

Jose Taveras

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You can use Mass Edit to change the reason code FROM the Global value TO the new value on all existing CTAs, then you can delete the ones you created for Global.