Extracting 5 fields for engagements across multiple tenants to create one list

  • 21 April 2021
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I need some help with the following:

Extracting Educational workflow name, last viewed date, email, first name, last name for 80 engagements across 5 tenants

Currently, I am in process of setting individual reports up for each tenant based on date criteria.

Then i will need to run these 80 plus reports, export the data, scrub the data, concatenate into a single list with a new column for the tenant.

This is nuts… to have to do this… I am looking for some help to save my sanity…. :)


3 replies

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Hi Janine - were you able to get the help you needed on this topic from your Gainsight CSM?

Good morning Dan,

No, quite frankly not at all.  Still no direct access to the data.

The files are dumped into an AWS bucket on a daily basis and we are far away from having a viable Gainsight Universe.


Do you know if there is a connector available for Power BI to access the Gainsight data?


Thanks so much. 

*PS I am also reaching out in the general community.

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Hi Janine. Sorry to hear that you’re still having challenges. I’ve sent a note to your Gainsight CSM to have him provide some more assistance and guidance here. We may not be able to achieve everything you are attempting, but we’ll certainly get you as close as we can with the technology we have available. :)