Google Analytics Foreign Key / corresponding ID is unfortunately & surprisingly case-sensitive

  • 19 February 2016
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When setting up a Google Analytics integration, you pull in a field from Google Analytics that indicates the customer. In our case, it's called "abbreviation". Screenshot:

You then indicate which Salesforce Account field corresponds to that Google Analytics field. In our case, it's called "Account Number". Screenshot:

Unfortunately, when Gainsight aggregates the raw data into the "Day Agg" table, it performs a [i]case-sensitive match between our "abbreviation" and "Account Number". Some Accounts, therefore, have ended up without any aggregated Google Analytics data. I didn't realize that behavior when we were setting it up (it's not noted in the documentation, and I did this setup live with our Project Manager, who either didn't know or think to mention it), and now I need to go back and make our Account Numbers precisely the correct cases, and then fix the aggregated data.

It's hard enough to get Salesforce and Google Analytics and Gainsight to all have identical customers listed in each one, without any missed or any duplicates, and this makes things even harder.

I'd prefer that the match would [i]not be case-sensitive, and wonder if it was simply an oversight in the product development.

8 replies

Hello Seth, I agree with your suggestion. Let me discuss with concerned team and get back to you.
Hi, discussed with the team. In principle, agree with the changes to make the comparison case-insensitive. We are preparing the list of changes and publish later the release date of the fix.
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Wonderful, thanks so much, Ajit
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Ajit, I wanted to give you a heads up that I've started to add per-user Google Analytics data, and it has the same problem.

I'm linking the email addressed stored in the Google Analytics data to the email in the Salesforce Contact, as shown here:

I'm getting a case-sensitive match on the email field, too, which is even less likely to be valid than a case-sensitive match than on Account foreign keys, and of course there are so many email addresses that I can't correct the data manually, as I did for the Account foreign keys. Therefore, the Day Agg table is ending up with "Contact Not Found" in the "User Email" field.
Hello Seth, yes, the case sensitive comparison is on all fields in connectors. We need to rectify this. 
Hey Seth, I have added a user story to make this enhancement. In all probability, it should get picked up for next release (May). I will keep you updated as to the release in this thread.
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Stupendous, thanks so much, Sudarshan
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Hi Sudershan -- can you confirm if this has been fixed?