Help with Creating CTA based on Usage Data

  • 7 November 2018
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I am trying to trigger a CTA for what we deem as an "Inactive" client which is based on usage date of our platform. I am not sure what would work best, creating new MDA where I can add some calculated fields or trying to calculate the data in a Bionic Rule using the Transformation task.

We have a field in the MDA labled "UsageEvent". This field contains each unique usage event performed by a user of our platform. The usage comes with the UserName and a SessionID (and some other data). The tracking description is populated in that field via an S3 connector with our dev team.

I am trying to trigger a CTA based on at least 1/2 of the licensed users on the account having a count of usage events < x amount. So if the account meets the criteria, to trigger a CTA for the CSM to alert them of a potentially risky client.

I am not that well versed using the Transformation task and have been struggling trying to create this calculation. Is this possible? Or, how would you attack this problem?

Thanks in advance!


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Update: I am able to use the Transformation task and get a count of usage events per user over the previous month.

Just not sure how I would go from the user level to the account level in this situation as we are looking for 1/2 of users to not meet the threshold of usage events in the month to trigger the CTA.

Any advice?

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Hi Manmeet,

One way to solve this would be to have the following bionic rule actions:

  1. Fetch from UsageEvent object - show AccountID, Account Name, UserName and UsageEvents (aggregate using count) - this will give you a row per user and the count of usage events
  2. Pivot the step 1 fetch to show count of user name for each account (pivot on account ID and group by account ID and account name)
  3. Filter the step 1 fetch by adding a filter where usage events > x amount. Group by account ID and account name to get a count of users where they have the desired number of usage events
  4. Merge step 2 and step 3 data (you'll have to retain all records from step 1 to account for customers who may not have any users with >x usage events) so that for each account you'll have a row with the total number of users and the number of users with >x number of usage events
  5. Transform the step 4 merge using a calculated field (formula = users with >x usage events / all users *100) to get a percentage per account of users with >x usage data
Then you can use the final value created in step 5 in your filter criteria and only trigger the CTA if that calculated value is <50.

Setup rule flow looks like this:

Dan! Thank you so much, just what I needed to finish building this rule. You're the best!