How are you measuring Executive Engagement or Sponsorship between your Exec and Customer's execs?

  • 20 May 2024
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We’ve launched an Executive Sponsor program where many of our Exec leaders are assigned to accounts and we have a programmatic approach outlined. I’m seeking best practices on how best to manage and report on this program. I’d like to hear from others. Are you tracking this via a CTA? Somewhere else? What have you learned as you launched a similar program. Are you tracking any of these? Other metrics?

  • Do we have the right exec contact at the customer?
  • Has our internal exec sponsor made contact?
  • Are both attending EBR?
  • What impact is this engagement having on renewals, upsells, advocacy?

1 reply

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We’ve got a similar program in place -- I’m in the middle of a revision to it at the moment.

Essentially for any accounts above a certain ARR threshold, at a given period of time before renewal, we’re sending an email to the account owner (CCing others on the account team) so they can check the executive engagement and plan prior to renewal.

One of the big difficulties we’ve been running into is the fact that null email addresses cause a participant to fail (even if they’re in the CC field) -- which causes problems when that rep is the account owner, or one of the other address on that account team. We’ve had to get creative with the program, and I’m building it out to send a notification to one of our ops distros so we can forward the email to our sales ops team to get the data cleaned up.