How can I trigger a CTA when automated Health Score dropped by 10?

  • 25 April 2018
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Hi there,

what's the Best Practice to trigger a CTA when Health Score dropped by 10 (for instance)? The CSM who is in charge of the respective account should be assigned to this CTA.

I tried to build a rule, but didn't get it so far.

Another thing I realized: When creating a Report with ReportBuilder I can instantly see a change in health score in current and previous score field, but in Rules Engine Previous and Current Score remain the same score over all accounts. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks and greetings from Berlin!


Best answer by sai_ram 27 April 2018, 19:47

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4 replies

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Hi Martin, The issue might be with the rule configuration, could you please post few screens for better understanding of the rule configuration.

If you have problem in posting the screens here,you can create a Support ticket or send me the screens to my email id directly(

I am also happy to jump on a call to assist you better. 
Hi Sai Ram

I wrote to your email address.


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@Martin, Thanks for writing. 
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Hi Martin, Since the issue is resolved closing the post.

Always happy to help!