how do you change a type of a CTA after it is created?

  • 20 January 2016
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what is the best way to change a type on a CTA after it is created?  We have some CSMs who created some with the wrong type and do  not want to lose their work but need it to reflect the right type for reporting purposes?

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I just tried to do this within the cockpit and was not able to.  It would be great if GS allowed this on manually created CTAs.  Right now, I can do it by running an export and upsert or a mass edit in cockpit configuration, but since they are CTAs created by reps its hard to know which ones to pinpoint.  
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It's not possible to change the CTA type from the Cockpit, and I suspect it's because different CTA types potentially have different CTA layouts, or fields, available. 
what report are you using to perform an export and or performing a mass edit in cockpit configuration to change the type of already created CTAs using the wrong type. I have a specific reason that the type should always be event but they have not been created that way? 
I use the SFDC report type of Call to Action and export the CTAs and then upsert to the Call the Action object with the ID and the new type.  
thanks for the quick response Ellen.  Did you have to do something special to get it to accept the CTA Type on the upsert?  when i run mine i am getting the following issue with CTA Type:  CTA Type: id value of incorrect type: Event
You have to use the ID of the type which you should be able to get via an export 🙂
These came up as an important request from users at HPE - they really need the ability to change a CTA type after a CTA was created as it's critical for their workflows, and having to delete a CTA and recreate one is very time consuming. 

Is this planned sometime soon? 
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I believe Admins will be able to change the CTA type and CTA Account or Relationship assignment using the mass edit tool in the Feb. release. However, I don't think this will be possible through the Cockpit.
Thanks Lila.

Can we consider enabling end users to change the types of CTAs that they created? 
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Moving to an Idea post since this is a feature request.

Please reference the new conversation here: Edit CTA type directly in Cockpit
I was just told by Gainsight support that this is no longer possible through the Rules Engine. the only way to do it is manually, or rebuild all your old CTAs from scratch.

The link above no longer works. I dont think this is on the Gainsight radar anymore.

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The Idea post is here now: