How do you make a new C360 / R360 layout as the 'default'

  • 20 February 2020
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Hey Community


Does anyone know how to take a new layout and make it the default? 

We created a new layout for the C360 and R360 in PRODUCTION to test as a pilot.  We assigned the new layouts to a handful of accounts so CSM’s can use during their day to day in order to provide feedback on ease of use and experience. 


Good news, they love the changes! (yay). 

Bad news, we cant seem to switch this new layout to be the default and worry we have to recreate the layout again in the default layout (boo! not the end of the world, but definite eye roll and WTF moment)

Any hacks are also welcomed!





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Default will be the fallback layout should no other layouts be assigned. You could try assigning this new layout to all with some criteria like “Name” Does Not Equal “Null” (use the checkbox at the end of the criteria to set as Null).

Because ideally all your records would have a Name value and so would fall into the layout assignment.