Import a file from S3 into a bionic rule as well as a MDA.

  • 12 December 2019
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Is it possible to have one file in a S3 bucket be sent to a both the MDA and trigger a S3 rule? I want the dataset to be imported and cause an action within the platform but i also want to store the dataset in a Gainsight Data Object. What’s the best way to do this? Have the S3 rule get triggered once the file lands in the S3 bucket and then export it back out to the same S3 bucket with a different filename where it then can be imported into the MDA? 


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Hi Shane - 


Assuming I understand your use case correctly, you can import your S3 file directly from the Rules Engine using an S3 Dataset Task.


Once you query your data, then you can take two different actions - one to load the data to the MDA and another to do whatever it is you need to do (set score, create CTA, etc.)