Integrating Gainsight Database with Periscope

  • 31 August 2018
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Is it possible to integrate Periscope with Gainsight? Our organization integrates Periscope with SFDC so that we can join tables between SalesForce and our internal database. It would be nice to have the same access to the Gainsight MDA so that we can also join/aggregate on items that are native to gainsight, such as activity or journey orchestrator/survey information.

1 reply

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Hi John,

We don't have an integration with Periscope OOB, but we can often bring in external data through other means, such as an S3 connection, Zapier or Azuqua, etc. You can also use the S3 export option from Rules to get data out of GS. 

Lots of other folks have more expertise on this and may be able to speak to your Periscope use case specifically.