Is there a way to have different tag types

  • 6 March 2018
  • 2 replies

It would be nice to have different categories for tags on the C360. Like one category for at risk tags, one for integration tags (for example - we want to track every product our customer integrates us into) but we want this in a separate pick list from other at risk tags we have. 

2 replies

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Hi, I would like to understand more about your user case for adding 'category' in tags. Are the Category information aimed towards making tag organization and searchability better? 
Yes I think so. For example for our organization - I would like to have the following categories: Risk tags, integration tags (our product can be integrated into 20 + products and it's impossible to get this information on the C360 without using tags), and customer segmentation tag. I think these categories are really important also considering that the top-level information you can put in the C360 summary is so limited to the six fixed widgets, as well as the 6 smaller widgets on the right side of the C360. Right now we have about 30 different tags which is difficult to sort through.