Is there a way to refresh the cockpit after completing a few CTAs, without using 'right click > reload'?

  • 4 April 2018
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What's best practice for refreshing your cockpit after you've completed several CTAs?  Should we be using 'right click > reload' or is there a better workflow?  Or is best practice to work a CTA from the c360 > cockpit page? 

8 replies

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CSMs should be to work CTAs from wherever makes the most sense for the CSM at the time.  If they are already on the C360, no harm in working it directly there.  But working CTAs directly from the Cockpit is typically the most common method so CSM doesn't have to drill into each C360 to work them individually and can see the entire breadth of their CTA load in one view.

I usually just right click reload whenever I need to refresh the page.  I do wish things would auto-refresh more, to save all the right click-reloading that has to happen in GS.
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Hi Lucy, back to my days when I had a cockpit full of CTAs to manage I would set my filter/sort criteria and then start working the list. Once I got to the bottom or far enough down where I wanted to change my filter or sort criteria, that would be a good time to refresh the page. But generally I didn't worry about a refresh and once I was done working CTAs I'd just close the tab and go to something else.
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Hi Lucy, What would be the reason to reload the page, Is the closed CTAs not getting disappeared after you the change the status to close? or do you want to check if new CTAs are assigned to you in meanwhile or any other use-case.

Thanks for posting 
Uh, I know I'm not Lucy, but both these things.  It would be nice if new CTAs flowed in and closed CTAs dropped off in real time. No refresh needed. 
Hi All,

A simple way to refresh the page, is to go to Views drop-down and click on same View again.
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Hi Melisa, Got the context.This is not there in the short term road-map, We will definitely think of increasing the user experience here.

Thanks for your response!
I am new to Gainsite and found that my instinct was to refresh my browser. I would love to actually see a "refresh" button on the portal. I think that is more user-friendly then wondering what to do next when you see little checkboxes checked and tasks stricken out. I kind of sat there for a second thinking "Ok, now what?" until I decided to refresh and saw them removed from my cockpit.
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While this may be “old” I wanted to breathe new life into this request. We have a similar user story/ask to have the cockpit function more like a modern “Inbox” UI similar perhaps to Outlook?  Any update or new thoughts on this with a year gone by?