Is there any way to trigger some another playbook if Owner of CTA gets changed ?

Consider example,

Playbook "A" has one CTA as "Playbook A-CTA" and the owner of that CTA is "ABC". Now, if the the owner of the CTA "Playbook A-CTA" gets changed from "ABC" to "XYZ".

Then it should Trigger Playbook "B".


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@seth ; @sundar ; @elaine_cleary ; @heather_hansen ; @lane_h -

If possible, Could you please help me out with this ?

Thanks in advance !

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@harichau That's a tricky one. So, the way I would probably try to approach it would be to create a MDA object to store the CTA information. Important fields: Playbook Name, Assignee and Assignee Yesterday. Then, you could write a few rules to populate those fields. Then, you could write your rule to generate the new CTA by pointing at the Assignee and Assignee Yesterday fields and comparing them. That might not be the easiest way to do it, but that's how I've handled similar situations in the past. Let me know if you need additional details!


Please can you help us in the above scenario that we are trying to build one.


Similar to Heather's suggestion above, but since you're in SFDC Edition, perhaps we could leverage Field History Tracking on the Call to Action object to trigger a change in the playbook associated with the CTA. Do you want to set up some time to discuss your use case and business requirements?

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What @kate_green said is correct, enable salesforce history tracking and use that and write a rule to create a new cta.


Thank you for your response.

I shall try and will definitely let you know if I need your assistance. Many thanks:)