Mandating comments on Scorecard

  • 19 June 2019
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Is it possible to make it mandatory for a CSM to enter a comment on the scorecard when they manually change the sentiment to red?


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hi Colette - we recently switched to a method where, instead of having CSMs manually enter on the Scorecard, they create a Timeline Activity instead, and we run a rule that updates the sentiment score based off that Timeline entry.

We created a new Timeline Activity type: Sentiment

We created two new fields: Sentiment Rating (Red, Yellow, Green) and Sentiment Reason (various reason codes) on that timeline type. These are mandatory.

The Note field is already mandatory - that's what we're using to populate the comments, along with the Sentiment Reason.

Then we locked down the CSM Sentiment score on the scorecard - so they have to create the timeline entry to update it. It also helps because it keeps a record of the Notes for each entry in the Timeline.

Let me know if that helps!

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Timeline Entry:

Sentiment Scorecard entry:

Timeline Activity Config:

Jeff - thank you so much for this. It's a great way for CSMs to enter the Sentiment and it means it's one less place for them to remember where to update in the R360.

Thank you!

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Glad I could help!