Measuring team on CTA performance

How do people track / measure their team on their ability to work through their CTAs? As an example, I would like to see percentage breakdowns by CTA type (risk, event, opportunity) and even down to a specific CTA. Is this possible? I also have heard that some people have created Milestones and tracked it this way. 

Any insight / examples would help. The standard leaderboard in the Cockpit isn't sufficient

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We're still in the piloting phase with a subset of our accounts, so I'm not sure if the best way, but we created a dashboard of CTAs closed in the past month with renewal date, account name, CTA Action Name, CSM Name, Status, and Sum of MRR.  We are currently measuring CSM performance on the number of CTAs closed per month (except "Closed-Invalid").
I'm trying to figure this out as well.  Chad- have you come up with a solution since you first posted this a couple months ago?
Hi Lilian - have a chat with your CSM. There is a way to do this via milestones. What we're doing is ensuring that our team at least changes their risk CTAs to active. I need to put more process in soon.
Thanks Chad!
Hi Lilian and Chad,

Per Emma's note - it is possible to report on CTAs open / closed by CSM. On the topic of CSM performance, other metrics you could look at include NPS or usage.