Mismatch in Picklist leads to multiple points of failures in GS Connect

  • 13 September 2018
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A customer of mine had out of sync data in their company object for the CSM field. After barking up multiple wrong trees, I uncovered that there are some values in ANOTHER Account picklist field that do not exist in the corresponding MDA dropdown picklist. GS connect does not do partial sync for fields that are fine. It is either a complete sync or a fail. It also shows GS connect was successful unless I do historical runs, btw. If I have out of sync data in Company, this design creates multiple points of failures to debug.

2 replies

Thank you for troubleshooting, Meenal. We were not able to diagnose this, but it was affecting several dashboards and reports built from the Scorecard object. 

Perhaps related, it seems onerous to have to manually build a dropdown to match a SFDC picklist. I would view it as an enhancement if the GS data tool could automatically ingest (and maintain) the picklist values associated with an SFDC picklist field.
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Completely and 100% agreed. There is a community post on that request as well: