Multi-Currency Impact in Gainsight

  • 9 March 2021
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Admins can configure multiple currency codes, including one primary Corporate Currency code in Gainsight. All of the currency codes can be configured with a conversion rate with respect to the Corporate Currency code. This feature allows the currency data to be shown in the original currency code (as ingested into Gainsight) across Gainsight. A standard field, Currency ISO Code is created in all of the Gainsight objects to identify a currency code for all the currency values in every record.

Business Use cases:

  • For Multinational companies, CSMs work with customers across different regions. For each region, currency conversions are often in the local currency. Once Multi-Currency enabled, currencies are displayed in the local currency code.
  • Targets for CSMs and sales are often set in their local currencies and hence the aggregated data is best understood if it’s presented in the local currency.
  • Admins can ingest data from any CRM system with the original currency codes.

You can also refer to a quick video on Multi-currency impacts in Gainsight.

For more information on Multi-currency, refer to the Multi-currency Support(NXT) and Muti-currency Support (SFDC) guides


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