New API Documentation Available!

  • 30 August 2018
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I'm happy to share our new API documentation on Gainsight Go!

Gainsight offers REST APIs to integrate your applications or services with the Gainsight platform. Gainsight API documentation is intended to address developers who need to understand the Gainsight APIs before integrating applications and services with the Gainsight platform. Using these APIs, you can insert or update data into the Gainsight applications from external systems. Data which is upserted into Gainsight applications is stored in various objects in Gainsight’s Matrix Data Platform (MDA). Using these REST APIs, you can manipulate objects (Read/Write/Upsert/Delete) and insert or update upto 50 records in a single API call. If you want to perform bulk loading (inserting more than 50 records), you can use Gainsight Bulk API.

Gainsight offers documentation for different REST APIs to load data into the Gainsight Standard objects Company, Person Object model, and any custom objects that you create in Gainsight. As different Gainsight applications are built on these objects, loading data directly into these objects from external systems using APIs enables you to see this data in the Gainsight applications directly. 

3 replies

Thank you for the API doc! I noticed that standard objects and custom objects are both available. Will system objects also be available at some point? I'm looking to edit timeline activity through API directly. Thank you!

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@lila_meyer @dan_ahrens Is it possible to retrieve data from Gainsight objects via the Bulk API?

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@sumesh @pratap_kumar_challa Can you share an update on API plans?