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We are using Scorecard 2;0. We dont want to define what the thresholds are but just assign a percentile score with 5 levels, 0-20 percentile is level 1 , 20-40 level 2, 40-60 percentile level 3,  60-80 level 4, 80-100 level 5. How do we define percentile thresholds in the set score action?


Eg. Simple eg Number of Support Visits to Account are

10,9,8,7,6.5,4,3,2,1 for 10 accounts. 

Accounts with 10 and 9 visits will be automatically assigned the top level since its in the 80-100 percentile and so forth, without defining a fixed threshold as these values can be dynamic.



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@bayareaguy If you implement it this way, how would you keep track of whether or not you are making progress with a particular customer?


Looking for a solution here. We will track when accounts move from lower percentile to higher, that's progress. We want to get away from building manual thresholds since we recently started having scorecards, eventually we might have a clearer idea on what the thresholds should be or will continue with the percentiles scoring.

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@bayareaguy Currently it is not possible to have it based on a dynamic percentile. The reason for this is that the way scorecards are designed, it would be hard to track progress this way.

If the thresholds are percentile based, you would have the same scores even if all accounts’ metric score have halved/doubled.

We generally suggest that you have a reasonably consistent scorecard config so that you are able to track progress easily. 


We will definitely try to factor in this feedback and see how we can support like this more holistically in the future.