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  • 27 July 2020
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Hi everyone!

I am currently investigating if we can create Playbooks that appear differently depending on the selection. An example could look like this:

Playbook: New Business Owner
Type of Business Owner → IT / Communication → Based on this information different tasks are included in the playbook.

I would be happy to explain further if my query is unclear :) 


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Hi @lerkatron

The best options I’ve seen for this is to create 2 playbooks: 

  1. New Business Owner - IT
  2. New Business Owner - Comms

If a user is manually creating these, they would just have to select which one is more appropriate. I would watch the length of the playbook name to ensure that user can see which one is which. When you select a playbook, the UI is limited in how many characters it shows. 

If you plan to automate these, you would need some kind of attribute to be able to tell if it’s a new IT biz owner or Communications. 

Another option is to have it all in one playbook with some type of code appended in the task name. The CSM would just complete the tasks that are relevant and delete the others. For example, it could look like this: 

New Business Owner Playbook Tasks

  1. IT - Connect with customer
  2. IT - Update contact details in SFDC
  3. ​​​​​​​COMM - Connect with customer
  4. COMM - Update contact details in SFDC


Your playbook will probably look different than the example above but hopefully this helps to show how it could work. I’m not a big fan of the second option as it does require your CSMs will need to do clean up on Playbooks. I also don’t like having placeholder tasks that CSMs just end up closing which can appear like they completed them when in fact they were just trying to delete what’s not useful. 

Hope this helps,