Question (Possible Idea). When Creating a CTA via the Rules Engine, allow for @CreatedDate in Name of CTA.

  • 16 July 2018
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We have [i]several CTAs that are automatically created via the Rules Engine. I'd like the ability to add the Created Date of the CTA in the Name of it.  Explanation below.  If there is also feedback on another way to handle this, I'm all ears! :)


On a bi-weekly bases we're using the Rules Engine to create CTAs for various accounts.  However, we noticed that if we create CTA A on July 1st - and CTA A is not completed by July 14th, when the new rule runs on the 15th - CTA B will not be created because CTA is still active.  We want both CTA A and CTA B to appear on the account.  Only to be able to report on the number of CTA A's that are not being completed.

[Management at this time, is OK with the CTAs stacking.  This is a new process for us, so we want to make sure that everyone is doing what they should be doing - and assessing if we're seeing a large number fall behind.]


1. Is it because the CTAs using the same Reason that the 'new' CTA is not being created?

2. Is it even possible to have the CTAs stack?

3. What feedback do you have using the Rules Engine to automatically create CTAs?

[i]Note: I did find,  But in some cases, the Type, Reason, and Name would all be the same for a particlure set of CTA's.  Which is why I thought it would be cool if we could add an @CreatedDate in the title to separate them.

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Hey Sagan!

Per your questions...  

1. If you check the "Include in identifiers" on the CTA subject, multiple CTAs will be created using the same criteria (assuming the CTA title is different using your created date example).

2. Yes, using above.

3.  This is a [i]bit of a hack, but you could go about this as:

- Create a "Today's Date" date field on the Customer Info Object.

- Create a Bionic Rule to daily populate that field with today's date (using date = rule run date).

- When creating the CTA, pull "Today's Date" field into the Show Me fields.

- Use the @Today's_Date token in the CTA title

- Check the "Include in Identifiers" checkbox

- CTAs will now stack

Let me know if you have any questions?  Thanks!

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That is a [i]bit of a hack for sure!  But it will solve my problem!  I did go back and add the Name as an Identifier.  Because there are some accounts that will have the main CTA used by the CSM and then additional CTAs for the VP or Sr. VP. And I think that will solve that problem!

I'll work on the hack now!  Thank you very much!