Rules - allow to select more than 20 fields per rule

  • 30 March 2016
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I have a rule where I load to Usage several fields that sum up all the different features available in our product. But now we have introduced a new feature (portfolios), and I wanted to add that to the rule, but unfortunately I can only have 20 fields. I wouldn't want to create another rule, I already have quite a lot of them. Is there any reason for this limitation?

4 replies

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More the # of fields, bigger the record being retrieved, higher the chance of the rule breaking due to "Out of memory" problem. 

I agree that this would increase the # of rules and difficult to manage. We will be increasing this limit over time. 
Creating multiple rules is obviously tedious. With the new rule chaining coming out in next couple of days, it may make it a little less tedious. 
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In Bionic rules that is released with 5.5 release you can add upto 50 fields in a rule for processing. Let me know if that limit is sufficient or would you need that to be increased.
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Hi @rakesh !

Few customers are requesting to limit in ‘Show’ fields to be extended, which is currently 50. Is it possible to extend in the future? Any tentative ETA? 


@Aritra Pati & @Soumya_Oble : Can you please share your use case and business impact here?