Scorecards - Historical Tracking

  • 10 March 2017
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I was reading through the "Configure Account Scorecard History" GainsightGo article and I had couple questions.

  • How can I see if my snapshot will be every week or month?

  • Where is this stored in the usage?

  • Is there a configuration connection step in SFDC that I was supposed to perform?
That article lead to another GainsightGo article, "Configure Account Scorecards". Under the Validity Period Example header, there's a snapshot of a group of scorecard measures. The snapshot shows a color for each of the measures and each color is accompanied with a score (#) and an arrow indicating if it's up or down from last time. Is there a way I can enable the score (#)? I have the color and the arrow, but no score (#).

2 replies

there is a MDA table called relationship scorecard history where it saves the weekly snapshot
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Hai Jessica, Is your question solved. Please let us know if you need nay help here.

Also please let us know which scorecard you are using ..?