Sending Slack notifications for S3 ingest jobs

  • 1 October 2018
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Has anyone managed to successfully set up an S3 ingest job so that it notifies you via Slack when it completes?  I've been trying to set it up on the Schedule page of the Ingest Job and have tried several variations (With headers, without headers, with HTTPS, with HTTP, etc.) but always end up with the "Test Failed. Please check the URL." message.

I have Slack notifications set up just fine in my other systems, so I know the URL is correct.


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4 replies

Hi Jeff Shurtliff,

We are able to reproduce the issue. we will get back to you on further update.
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@Parthiban, thanks for the update. 

@Jeff, sorry for the inconvenience,  we try once again to reproduce this and get back to you.
Hi Jeff Shurtliff,

After further investigation, we found that url expects a mandatory parameter to make Test Pass. This is a kind of enhancement particularly when we use this Url. Our Engineering team is doing that change. We will post here once the change is available.
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Hi Jeff,


This has been considered by our product team, this will pushed to release in Dec. 


Thanks for raising.