Sharing Success Plan to external users

  • 4 January 2021
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Hi All

I am trying to share a success plan externally and have followed all the instructions provided by Gainsight articles and the community page advice however it does not seem to be working for me. Any advice?

Here are the steps taken:


First Step:
Followed instructions laid out by Giansight
  • Ensure Success Plan sharing external is enabled
  • Add person if they do not already exist.
  • Give it 24 hours, since adding a person, to share the plan.
This did not work
Second Step:
Option 1:
  • When a Person is added, their data is automatically added as a user in Gainsight; however, their "license type" is not updated.
When trying to update the user license type from "unlicensed" to "viewer," the "Update" button will not highlight to allow me to update that setting.
This did not work!
Option 2:
  • Create a Permission Bundle that allows SP sharing externally and add users in that bundle.
This did not work

2 replies

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@Niqnaq sorry for the inconvenience, to solve the issue we need to check the configuration, I am redirecting this to our support team, they are experts in solving these.

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@Niqnaq we need your inputs on the above ticket(#122245) to solve the issue.