Success Plan Objectives - Timeline tasks not showing up in Cockpit

  • 8 June 2018
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I'm working on a Success Plan - the thought is in the Objectives CSMs will enter the over-arching goal, and post the specific steps to get there in the 'timeline' section of each objective. That way a record is kept in timeline (under a specific activity type), and they to-do's will also show up in the CSM's cockpit. 

However, while the timeline entries are created, the tasks don't show up in Cockpit.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Best answer by tim_schukar 8 June 2018, 17:04

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3 replies

Hi Christine,

Are you referring to the cockpit in 360? Is the option to "Show objectives in C/R360 cockpit" turned on? (In the Call to actions admin). Only when that is ON, will the objective CTA's start showing up in the 360 Cockpit. 
Hey Christine!

To add to Aditya's comment, make sure your success plan is set to "Active" as well as make sure you aren't filtering out Type = "Objective" in your cockpit view.


Problem Solved! Thanks very much, both!