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Hey guys.

I’m facing a question that probably has a really simple solution that I’m failling to find. 

In our Company MDA object, we have one field that captures the date of the Last Timeline Activity. It works just fine but now I was asked if I could had in a 2nd field, the link to that activity. 

I’ve tried using the same rule I have to get the date of the last activity, to also get the Subject, in hopes of it being clickable and opening the activity, however, after loading the values into Company, it seems the Subject does not appear to be clickable.

How would you guys go around this? 


Thanks in advance! 


Best answer by Wayne 12 May 2021, 01:30

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You have to form the html href in a transformation in the rules engine and then push it to a url field on the company object.

Part of the URL


concat (<a href="your_org_url/v1/ui/timeline#/activities/, activity id, " target="_blank">, Subject, </a>

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Thanks so much Wayne! I will try it out !