Tracking Customer Feedback in Gainsight

  • 21 December 2015
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We would like to use Gainsight to track customer feedback. We practice a closed loop process in which customer comments are captured, acted upon and then the response is shared back with the customer. Does anyone have a procedure on how to use Gainsight to track customer feedback and report on it later. For example, if a customer has a feature request, I want to document the request, notify the product management team and then let the customer know what the PM team says about the feature request. I'm think that there must be a way to use CTAs for this, but I would like to know if someone has figured out a good way to do this yet.

1 reply

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How do you typically gather that information today about feature requests?  What type of requests do you want to track?

As you can see in our Community, we are tracking feature requests here in the Ideas section and integrating that info into SFDC so that it is visible on your Customer 360.  That works pretty well for feature ideas.  

Another approach would be to create a CTA type specific to a Product Request (or Product Risk).  CSMs could manually create this and you can have custom fields for that CTA type to capture the details you want.  You would then close that out once you have executed on the plan with the customer (either you deliver it - Closed Success or said you do not plan to deliver it -Closed Risk)