Trigger CTAs Based on Absence of Timeline Activities

  • 29 December 2017
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Recent contact with your customers is one sign of a healthy partnership with them. If you are using Gainsight’s Timeline feature, your customer managers are hopefully logging the most meaningful events and interactions with their customers as Timeline Activities. If your customer managers have not ‘touched’ a customer recently, and therefore logged a Timeline Activity, you may want to trigger a Call to Action (CTA) and assign it to the CSM, so they can reach out.

These instructions explain how to trigger a CTA using a bionic rule based on an absence of Timeline Activities for an account in the past 2 weeks. You can adjust that window based on your business needs. The first rule contains two dataset tasks that pull in Account IDs and Timeline data, and then merge the datasets into one based on your field mappings.

The second rule helps you setup a rule that looks for the last Activity date and loads it to the Customer Info or Account object. You could then potentially trigger a CTA based on the last Activity date in this rule.

1 reply

Great method for programmatically touching quiet customers. Thanks!