Use webinar import to create CTA with Contact?

  • 21 July 2020
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Has anyone been able to setup an import of webinar/meeting attendees from WebEx, On24, etc… where you create a CTA with the Contact attached? 

I am being asked on the possibility of auto generating CTAs for accounts that have attended specific events for follow-up - But cannot think about how to get the contacts (they will be valid contacts on the account) auto-attached to the CTA.

Thought I would toss it out here if anyone has good resources or suggestions.




Best answer by jean.nairon 22 July 2020, 02:25

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2 replies

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Hi @davebrown2242

You could add a flag on your person records to show how attended the webinars. You could then use a rule to ingest the data via S3 and update the flag. This would be a quick solution for triggering the CTAs once the flag is checked. 

For a more robust solution, I would create a Webinar Attendance table that tracks which person attended which webinar. All you would need is the person’s email address and the webinar details they attended. Using this type of table to trigger CTAs or Journeys would allow to you get more customized and creative. Ex, if a user attended two webinars, perhaps there’s a different email. Or there might be a different CTA/email if they attended webinar A versus webinar B. You could also add this info as a C360 related list if CSMs want to see who attended what. 

Hope this help!

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@jean.nairon - Good stuff!  Thanks.