What is the best way to prevent CTAs from assigning to old inactive users?

I'm unclear as to the most efficient way to ensure that our CTAs stop firing to the CSMs who have left our company. Does anyone have any insight?

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Hi Alison,

Are your CTA's create via rule engine? If so, how are you assigning the owneres of the CTA's (is it a static user or the CSM). Would brinign in only active users and assigning the CTA's to them work for you?

Hi there!

Honestly, I'm not sure how these old CSMs are getting assigned CTAs via rules engine, as they are deactivated in gainsight and salesforce. The accounts are assigned to different account owners as well. I fear this may be a bug or something?

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@alison_kaprielian we need more detials to look into the issue, so redirecting this to our support team #82557. Thanks for bringing this up.

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