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  • 6 November 2019
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Hello fellow Customer Success enthusiast!

We had a great discussion on our table and obe person asked the question:

Do we have the right people at Gainsight Pulse event? "


Are we preaching to the converted and should we actually ensure we take Sales, Product Management and other functions of your organisation to attend with CSM's so they really see the value of CSM and understand the challenges?


Isn't customer successs everyones business? 


1 reply

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Hi there - yes you are correct.  Customer Success isn’t a single department function (even if you have a dedicated CS team).  It should be heavily integrated in every aspect of the business. There is something for everyone at Pulse, regardless of whether you represent CS, Sales, Renewals (if that is a separate function), Services, Product, Support, Marketing.  Companies that want to drive Customer Success successfully will ensure that all business teams are in lockstep with one another on the journey, and Pulse is a fantastic opportunity to align.  My 2c