Workflow recommendations for Customer Escalations

  • 4 June 2018
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What workflow(s) does your company have in place for when a client escalates to the CSM's Manager?  We are re-imagining the process in Gainsight, and would love to hear how other companies leveredge the tools in Gainsight to answer these user stories.  Thanks for any help.

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2 replies

Angela, one of our Elements is basically focused on Risk Escalation Management. You can find a quick brief here

In addition, your CSM (Courtney) can explain this Element in more detail.
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Thank you for sharing, Ashvin.  It looks like the Gainsight recommendation is to have playbooks for the CSM for different scenarios and collaborate using a single Timeline activity with Tasks assigned to the CSM or CSM Manager as necessary.

I am interested how other Gainsight users have implemented these workflows.  What works best, and what did they find less than optimal.  When and how are these components leveraged?

I do plan to speak with Courtney after we have done some discovery sessions with the line of business and I have some concrete user stories and acceptance criteria.