September 15th - Webinar - Latest Release Enhancements

  • 30 August 2022
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We're excited to share how the latest product enhancements can simplify the experience of CSMs, CS Managers and improve the efficiency of GS Admins!


Date: 15th September 2022

Time: 11 AM PT

Register today for the Zoom link.



3 replies

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Recording of this session:
Password: X^+h7Jw7

The deck is attached.

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Thank you @yuniyal -  I am curious to know a bit more about the API integration with 3rdparty systems, in our case OneNote - the response from Gainsight product team was that “it will require some development work from the customers end” 

  1. Can you, roughly,  give an idea of  how long it will take to develop the integration between timeline and OneNote (a couple of days or a couple of months)?
  2. Are there more integration on your roadmap in the foreseeable future?
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@Marwan The implementation time will depend upon the specific use cases that you are trying to solve with the API. It’s recommended that a technical associate goes through our existing document for timeline external APIs and we can support if there are any questions.

Future roadmap - we are considering hubspot integration with timeline but there are no timeline clarity as of now.