Backfill Limits in Product Mapper

  • 8 December 2023
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When using the backfill option in product mapper, we’ve received an alert that the max quota for the feature as been reached. Does anyone have more details on what the limit is? 


Best answer by Surendra 8 December 2023, 17:41

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3 replies

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Hello @amberkane 

I believe our support team is in touch with you on this request.

There is a monthly limit/quota on backfill record count that helps with resource management and to ensure availability across all subscriptions.

These records are the individual instances of feature matches that get created in the backfill process. For example, if backfilling feature XYZ finds 80k instances of feature matches in the historical data, those 80k records count against the monthly backfill quota.

The default quota is 10M. This will reset at the beginning of each calendar month.


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Hi @amberkane In addition to what Surendra has already mentioned, you can find limitations pertaining to Product Mapper and other areas of PX in the Gainsight PX Package Overview article. Hope this helps! 

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@amberkane - you may also want to add your vote to this idea: