Does Google disabling cookies in Chrome affect GainsightPX engagements or KC bot?

  • 17 January 2024
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I just saw this on YouTube and it caused me to wonder if this would affect how Gainsight operates in Google Chrome (and any other browser?). I know there is an aptrinsic cookie that’s created when a user logs in to one of our solutions, so will Gainsight still be able to track user activity correctly? 


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4 replies

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@JayS - Because you send and Identify call to identify the user, I don’t think that the cookies are needed for tracking Gainsight users. In fact, they can move between devices.  

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I’ve had users using Safari recently have issues.  We use SFDC hybrid with NXT where users login to salesforce and access Gainsight NXT through there.   Haven’t seen it impact Chrome yet, but we’ve had a few Safari users that when they go to the Gainsight screen, it asks for their login.  The only thing I was able to work with the user was to enable cookies.


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@JayS Yes, PX uses cookies to track users.

Here is some info on the cookies gainsight uses to track the usage.

PX Cookies (apt.sid and apt.uid) are considered first party/class cookies, since they are tied directly to the domain/subdomain of the currently tracked application. Since they aren’t third-party, we will not be affected by this change with Google.

Also here is one more interesting read Enable PX tracking with Proxy Server

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