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  • 17 May 2019
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Will PX analytics show me the number of views of an embeded video inside an engagement?

Hey guys, this question came up when having a conversation with a customer about including links to videos inside a Gainsigth PX engagement.

While a video can be embedded in any type of in-app engagement - dialog, slider or a guide. The analytics will only show you the number of views of the engagement that includes the video and all the users who got the engagement and not the total number of views of a video tha is viewed from an external source. So for example if that link is shared between users those views will not be recorded in the analytics.

- Gainsight PX Support Team

1 reply

Hi Michael,

A possible solution for this can be the "Custom Event Rule as feature" rule in Product Mapper. You can setup custom event tracking and set the "play" button of the embedded video to be tracked. One issue here could be that this will track the number of times the play button was clicked. It could also track the number of times the pause button was clicked, which might not be required.

The "Tag UI element as feature" rule cannot be used in this case as the play button is not readily available on the UI.