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Hello GS team!

I heard during a general session at Pulse 2019 that if I sign up for a trial of PX, I can get free access to Pulse next year. Is there a date by which I need to sign-up for that trial?

Which link should I use to activate the trial? Do I need a special code?



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Hi Lyne,

Thanks for reaching out.

The PX Tag Code needs to be installed on the Production instance of your Web Application. The applicable date for this offer is until 05/31.

You may refer to this doc for steps on how to install.

Please let us know if you have any more questions.

cc: @tkaufman / @ciarapeter

Hi Lyne! Glad to hear you're interested in trying PX. Would love to hear your feedback if you do end up activating the trial.

If you're already a Gainsight customer, you can go ahead and contact your COM and let them know the tag has been installed and they can set you up with the offer!