How to create a new field based on another field by "add formula field"

  • 29 February 2024
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I connected mixpanel data to Gainsight. One field is “Path”, I want to create a categorized field based on the first part of the path. For example:

Path New Path
/product/lists /product
/product/clouds /product
/support /support
/ /
/support/contact /support

Is this possible in Gainsight?

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Thanks for posting to PX Community @Homa .


Gainsight PX does not currently support creating custom calculated/formula fields.  However, that would be a good Product Idea to post so that other users can upvote and comment on, plus our PX Product team can consider for adding to a future release.


Any external data that you intend to import/load into PX Users/Accounts attributes and PX Custom Events must be transformed prior to performing this action.


Happy PX-ing!!!