How To Optimize User Onboarding With PX's KC Bot

  • 20 September 2023
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Simply offering an incredible product jam-packed with fresh features is only half the formula for a successful business. The other half of that formula is messaging. 


Product messaging is pivotal in customers' perception of whether a product is meh or phenomenal. This is why you must fill your Knowledge Center Bot (KC Bot) with messaging components that truly resonate and benefit your target audience. 


We recommend you provide your users with an exceptional onboarding experience that delivers the right message — at the right time. And PX’s KC Bot is a great resource to leverage. 



The KC Bot is an onboarding assistant that guides users in learning your product. When you activate your Bot, it has the power to enable your customers to take control of their onboarding learning experience by providing them direct access to the following:

  • Educational in-app engagements.
  • Knowledge-based articles.
  • Powerful SaaS integrations that allow you to collect in-product feedback and dispense educational content all in one place.


When optimized correctly — PX's KC Bot will do all the heavy lifting of onboarding your customers. 


So, why wouldn't you want to take advantage of this resource? 


To Get Started: Apply the following tips as you work on crafting your onboarding checklist to ensure it meets the needs of your users:

  • Identify the key features you want to highlight. 
  • Incorporate user segmentation to target specific audiences.
  • Map the user journey to reach an aha moment. 
  • Develop 5-7 onboarding engagements that get your users set up and show them how to do X.
  • Take a user-centric approach to designing your onboarding experience by offering your customers quick and achievable tasks.


Next, you can maximize the presence of your Bot by: 

  • Creating a non-invasive experience through embedding your KC Bot to a specific UI element, such as the helpdesk icon in your application. 
  • Drawing the user's attention to the KC Bot through leveraging custom buttons to redirect your audience to read an article about a new feature release or use API calls to determine when the Bot opens or closes. 


Once your Bot is live, start analyzing your data! 


The analytics data surfaced through your KC Bot will help you and your team answer the following questions: 

  • How often is the Bot used?
  • How many user views are on Bot engagements or articles? 
  • Are your search terms returning the desired results? 




Whether your KC Bot has high or low engagement, you should continually review your analytics to understand why. Then take proactive steps to fix what's not working.


Happy PX-ing!


4 replies

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Amazing post!  AND, you can have multiple KC Bots.  KC bots for specific landing pages, personas, etc… think of all the possibilities and how to Personalize this approach.

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The only thing that concerns me is the process of managing multiple KC bots. For example, it can be a challenge when trying to pause an outdated engagement and GainsightPX only tells me that I can’t pause it because it’s in an active bot. I then have to search through all bots and recommendations to find/remove that engagement from the content. 

There’s been idea for that point in the community for 7 months, but no status yet:


cc: @lpicone @mmarques @josborn @Bharati @rterakedis @ShwetaH 

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@kathleenkenny23 - You cannot have a separate bot for different landing pages, unless those landing pages have different global context. It would be great if we could qualify KC bots with similar power as automatic engagements, so that we show a KC bot for a specific page. Or even a KC bot specific to people who have - or have not - completed certain features (or engagement).

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Yes, with different Global Context for landing pages.   I agree with you on having the same filters available for building a secondary KC Bot (i.e. Number of times a feature has been used, number of active reports, etc)


However, you can still have KC Bots personalized to attributes like, for example, Objective.  If this is something you collect during your Onboarding phase with an in-app engagement ( like the one @aaronhatton discusses here ⬅️), you can provide a personalized Checklist for that particular Role or Goal. 



Using Custom Attributes or attributes pulled in from SFDC or Gainsight CS (think Persona, Customer Segment, etc...) you can still offer multiple KC Bots at the same time!


More to come on filters (hopefully) this year! Our goal is to drive as much parity in filter selection across all reports, engagements, KC Bot, etc… It’s on the Roadmap and is definitely a popular one so we hope to see it launch in the next couple of quarters.  


Would love to hear ideas and use cases on this or how it would solve a major problem for you!