Knowledge Center Bot - Is there a URL for the bot so we can add as a menu option instead of the bot button displaying?

  • 9 November 2021
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We’ve had client feedback that the Knowledge Center Bot button is in the way of working in our application. We made the button draggable, but they still would like a way to not have it display without an action. l’d prefer a way where a user can select one of our application menu options in a navigational bar to then display the widget (i.e., same behavior as if the user clicked the button). Is there a way to generate a URL or another way to perform the behavior requested?

1 reply

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Hi @mpalermo, just saw this today searching for “draggable”, so you may have already discovered this. 🙂

In the SDK settings menu, you can change the KC bot to open from a UI Element anchor rather than the GainsightPX widget. We’ve experimented with this and it works well, but we don’t have our product leader’s buy-in yet, so we’re still using the widget. In our testing, it did work well though. It does remove the ability to drag the bot and the ability to resize the bot window, but otherwise works well.

Note that it is across the subscription, so if you have more than one bot they’ll all need to be anchored to a UI Element. You can’t have one bot use the widget and one use a UI Element.