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Hello! We are working on an in-app guide engagement and are running into a little snag due to how our navigation is configured. 

We want to start out with a hot spot and instantly navigate/click in the target element, similar to how a descriptive tool tip functions. Then the next step would pop up.


I don’t see how this is possible with a hot spot. Yes, I can continue to the next step, but because it didn’t click in the target element the second step doesn’t actually show. As you can see in the video, our product navigation item must be clicked in order for the sub-navigation to display (where the next guide step would be mapped). Since it was never actually clicked, the badge gets confused. How can I make the hot spot count as clicking on the target element.


Not sure if that made any sense, but looking for any guidance.

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Can you have the hotspot interaction set to “hover” on the Places area? Then the next tooltip will also be mapped to the Places area with information on what the user is about to do, and set the navigation for this tooltip to click on the element. 


@ejung this is how I set it up originally - hotspot over places, tooltip telling them to click places, then going from there - but we are worried people will get annoyed with the extra step as opposed to just moving to the next step

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Yeah. And there is that fine balance between getting the guides to work and not annoying customers. 😑 I think if you set it to hover, then they’re not technically clicking on that badge. Good luck!