PX Engagments + Chrome Dev Tools

  • 21 August 2023
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Question for the group:   Have any of you seen an instance where you go to troubleshoot an engagement, but when you have Chrome’s Dev Tools open the engagement won’t start?   It’ll delay endlessly until the point where I close Dev Tools and then it pops up on the screen.    Thoughts on how to get around this if it has happened to you in the past?


3 replies

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I just had this happen today, @rterakedis. I’ve been working in GainsightPX for almost 2 years and haven’t seen this before. I don’t have any ideas about working around it, though.

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Do you guys mind documenting the ChromeVersion your are on, and anything specific about the DevTools - although I don’t know if they have versions also. I haven’t seen this yet, will keep my eye out for it.


Thanks for the heads up!

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Hi @lpicone,

I’m in the same boat with the DevTools. I looked, but didn’t see a version, so not sure what to share there. 

My company is currently on Chrome 115.0.5790.102.