Session Replay in PX

  • 5 December 2023
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I’m wondering if it’s on the GainsightPX roadmap to track session replays. Seems like there’s a lot of consolidation in this space with competitors recently announcing this capability.


7 replies

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Hi @mwigozki. Sorry I can’t help with this, but I’m not sure what you mean by session replays. 🙂 Would you mind sharing more detail?

Thank you!

Hi @JayS - session replays are a way to see how users actually leverage products by viewing their onscreen behavior. Further details here and here

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Thank you, @mwigozki! Appreciate the references.

No problem, @JayS. Any comment on whether or not it’s on the PX roadmap?

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I don’t believe I’ve seen that yet. @aharkut or @Sruthimalla can you comment on whether Session Replays are on the PX roadmap?

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Looping in @Chandu here to give insight into Session Replays

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Hi @mwigozki 
Session Replay is on our roadmap in H2 of FY24.