Tip of the week: Renewal Reminder using In-App and also create a CTA in CS

  • 6 September 2023
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Here is an interesting tip to create an in-app engagement in PX using V2 editor, to reach out to your digital/low/tech touch customers to remind them of their service expiry and nudge them to renew.

We can be creative in giving the calendar link to book a meeting with their account owners.

Also I have added another button to save the action of connecting with them over email using a custom button feature to update an attribute value (how to link).




If you have both CS and PX tools you can also use this engagement to trigger a CTA for the account owner, as explained in this article here.

Bonus tips:

  1. Wondering how I removed the “X”? Here is a quick how to.
  2. This works best if you are passing renewal data into PX, then you can utilize audience rules to trigger an automated engagement a week before the renewal expiry. Also it would be best practice to trigger to the right persona.
  3. In you have both CS and PX products, then you can create the whole workflow using Journey Orchestrator.


Happy PXing!

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